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How it works

Typical program flow:

1. Add an image by pressing the "Add Image" button and selecting an image file

2. Add a watermark image by pressing the "Add Watermark" button and selecting a watermark

3. Set the position of the watermark by selecting one of the default positions available (Top, Center, Bottom, etc.) and pressing the "Set position" button. The user can also modify the default position by altering the offset fields.

4. Set the transparency of the watermark by modifying the transparency value ( this value must be between 0 and 1 with a step of 0.1)

5. Apply the watermark by pressing one of the two buttons: "Sequential" or "Parallel"

6. If the resulting image is not in par with what the user wanted, a simple click on the "Remove watermark" button will restore the original image. Now the user can resize the watermark and go back to step 3.

7. The final step is saving the image, which is done by pressing the "Export image" button and selecting the name and location of the new image.

- The user can, at any time, change either the original image or the watermark by pressing the "Add image" or "Add watermark" buttons.
- If you want to add a Text watermark, you have to open Paint, write your text on a white background and then save the image and add it as a watermark.

Requirements for source code modifications

The source code comes as a Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 solution.
All you need is the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 installed and you can modify, compile and deploy the program.

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